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LIGHT (working title)

Feature Film written by Kathrin Resetarits based on motives from the Novel "Mesmerizing" by Alissa Walser  
Director: Barbara Albert

SCHEMEN is a period piece, situated in 18th century Vienna. A story, focusing on Maria Theresia von Paradis, a contemporary Mozarts. A young woman, facing a heavy dilemma: To decide for an ordinary life in light - or an extraordinary life as a pianist in darkness.

Project development supported by Austrian Filmfund, Filmfund Vienna and MEDIA.


Feature Film  written by Nina Proll & Ursula Wolschlager, based on an idea by Nina Proll. 

As actress Anna is being dumped by her boyfriend and director Laszlo, she slides into an affair with firefighter Christian who unfortunately struggles when it comes to intimate performance. Christian’s heart is still attached to ex-wife Monika and so is his penis. Monika however is having an affair with womanizer Wolf who is not only Anna’s father, but Barbara’s husband. Barbara is an aged ex-model trying to preserve youth by any means but then discovers she’s pregnant. No job, no love, no place to stay, Anna seeks for support of shrink Michael who seems smart when it comes to other people’s love lives, but has no success when it comes to his own – as the only woman he loves is his mother.
Psychoanalysis, a funeral, an engagement, a divorce and a film called The Reluctant Mistress combine to provide an unexpected twist to the fates of everybody involved – although, each in their own way, they all find happiness in the end. After all, a solid marriage is the basis of any happy affair.

Project development supported by Filmfund Vienna, Austrian Filmfund and MEDIA.


Feature Film written by Elena Tikhonova & Robert Buchschwenter

Russian oligarch SERGEJ has lots of money and even more crazy ideas. This time round, he wants to build a villa on a bridge right in the heart of Vienna. A network of local lobbyists are enlisted to help with his plan. Everything goes according to plan – though actually according to the sabotage plan of Sergej’s translator NADEZHDA, her best friend VERA and her nanny LUKREZIA.

Project development supported by Filmfund Vienna, Austrian Filmfund and MEDIA.


Feature Film by Lukas Miko

STEFAN, HANNAH, and their daughter LENA (9) are finally moving out of Hannah’s parents‘ house into their own home. MIRIAM (18) who is related to Stefan and looks after Hannah’s father is also meant to move in with them. But then Lena suddenly loses her rag during a competition without any apparent reason. Hannah blames Miriam and kicks her out. What was meant to be the start to a new family life suddenly develops into a test to the limit. Eventually things settle down and Miriam seems forgotten; but then she suddenly dies in a traffic accident close to their small town. Who was she planning to meet? Who is keeping what from whom? What if Miriam wasn’t to blame fort he family crisis after all? And what if Lena should find out that her beloved Miriam is dead?

Undefinable and oppressive like a Highsmith novel, MIRIAM is a story about the centrifugal and cohesive forces within a family. Brittle identities, dreams that turn out to lead into a trap, and the struggle for autonomy which is most endangered by the one’s family – these are the forces driving the family apart. Maybe the connective force could come from the painful longing for recognition and security, peace and relaxation amidst the relentless competitiveness of everyday life, for love and loyalty.
For a long time the centrifugal forces seem unstoppable and threaten to destroy the family. But through Lena’s love for Miriam, the power of her memory, salvation can begin to grow, unnoticed at first. Because people live as long as we remember them…

Project development supported by Austrian Filmfund.


Feature Film Script by Joseph Brainin

Alfred, an antiques dealer, runs a small shop in a Viennese suburb of today. His highly developed sensitivity for the aura of art objects and the spaces that surround them, enable him to read traces in the dust like geologists can read in rock formations.

In his hedonistic life though, he hardly differentiates between beautiful objects and beautiful women, until a jealous lover unleashes an antisemitic campaign against him, which proves to be surprisingly effective, even for a Vienna of the 21st century. Alfred’s economic existence, his social standing and finally the love of his life are being systematically ruined and thus he is suddenly closer to his Jewish identity than he ever was.

Helping an elderly American lady find a valuable painting that was stolen from her family by the Nazis, seventy years ago, when they had to flee from Vienna, Alfred finds himself in the post-war quagmire of “Raubkunst” (Art objects that were looted by the Nazis during the war years). He is confronted by a powerful network of established art collectors, that is not choosy in their means when their activities are being disturbed. Not unlike his own family, some seventy years ago at the outbreak of the war, Alfred for a brief moment considers flight as a solution to the threats to his life and possessions. But then he takes up the battle with a resourcefullness that he has not thought himself capable of.  

Project development supported by Austrian Filmfund.


feature film by Marie Kreutzer

Project development supported by Austrian Filmfund and Filmfund Vienna


feature film, written by Jakob Pretterhofer, directed by Mark Gersthofer

Script development supported by Austrian Filmfund


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